Hemp Bedding

Hemp Bedding

Hemp Bedding

EQUIHEMP’s hemp bedding is composed of hurd. The woody remains when hemp stalk is processed for fiber, this process is called “decortication”. Hurds specifically are the woody inner portion of the hemp stalk, broken into pieces and separated from the fiber. Our bedding does not undergo any processing other than the mechanical decortication process, and contains no added chemicals of any kind.

MSRP: $35

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  • Your horses will be healthier, maximizing their performance and minimizing vet bills related to respiratory issues.
  • Your horses will be more comfortable and rest better.
  • Dramatically reduced flies and odors.
  • Cleaner air in your stalls and barn.
  • It will save you MONEY: less labor, longer lasting and less replacement.
  • Easily disposable since it is 100% biodegradable (use in your flower beds!).
  • It is more aesthetically pleasing than wood shavings or pellets.

Hemp bedding for horses has numerous advantages over legacy alternatives and is much more environmentally friendly.

  • It is the healthiest bedding alternative for horses.
  • It minimizes labor, expense and environmental concerns while maximizing good horse care.
  • Hemp lasts up to 4x longer than other equine bedding options.
  • Hemp is up to 8x more absorbent than other equine bedding options.
  • Hemp reduces flies and odors making it healthier for horses.
  • Hemp is hypo-allergenic, reduces dust and is naturally anti-microbial.
  • Contains no phenols (wood chips contain phenol).
  • Hemp is a more eco-friendly than wood and is 100% biodegradable.